I am Tim. And this is my first blog.

Welcome Friend.

Thank your for finding the way to my blog.

I am Tim. 29 years, living in beautiful Vienna, studying psychoanalytic psychotherapy. And this is: My first blog.

To be honest, this will hopefully be the first post I will be publishing. There have been several ideas of blogging in my mind – none of them have been truly realised. Is it the cooking I am passionate about, is it politics (bad idea), is it my terrace and gardening, though spring wasn’t there yet, and so on and so on and so on. ­čÖé

As I mentioned, I am living in Vienna. Though I came here for an incident 10 years ago, something about this city kept staying me here. I think it is the lifestyle, the wine-drinking, coffee-enthusiastic, easy-going atmosphere, the philosophic-cultural flair. I decided to stay here, studied communications, enjoyed this cities freedom it gives you to live just as you want. However, I can assure you, it really wasn’t the weather! Burning summers, icy winters.

pomegranatetreeToday ist the first day of spring here after long period of grey iciness. Now 2017 really starts to begin for me. The trees show the first buds, the sun is shining more powerful and there is not even a single cloud in the sky.  Therefore I just decided to put my lovely pomegranate tree out onto the terrace. It is my first tree on my terrace as I just moved  in autumn last year. It is as life is turning back to the city. In times like this I feel like I want to share my lifestyle with people who like the same things. Cooking. Gardening. Writing. Lifesharing.

I actually was considering about making YouTube cooking videos. I┬┤ve got a Nikon D5000, I bought a microphone, I brought my MacBook┬áto the service (thanks apple) and had to buy a new version of iMovie (thanks apple again). Friends keep motivating me to begin, one of them for years. And yet, I don’t have a ┬ávideo online. I am not satisfied with the quality which holds me back of proceed or putting it online. Do you know this feeling?

Then I started to check this wordpress thing out. At least I can feel some progress here. But the biggest questions are the ones like: ┬┤Will there be any person┬áinterested in what I write here? Will I get an audience?┬┤ Well, maybe… And maybe not. But I will never find it out unless I tried it.

And yes, so it came to me writing my first blog.

I decided to go with the flow. Let┬┤s see where it brings me in my internet-blogging life. ­čśÇ I am very excited about it and very curious about the comments people will leave┬áand to get in touch with them.

I would love to hear about the experiences you made in the pre-blogging phase of your life. Did you just start to write or are you a mind-mapping project management kind of type? Do you have any tips for me or anything on your blog what could be to interest to me?

Sunny greetings from Vienna